Key features of this approach are :

  • Full briefing session between consultant and client. This will involve agreeing job and experience criteria, plus an assessment of remuneration level necessary to attract suitable candidates.
  • Selection of advertising media,choice of style and subsequently agreeing copy.
  • Large expensive advertisements do not guarantee success. Indeed, the increase in use of e-media and its somewhat bland appearance has supported what we have always set out to achieve with our corporate house style. In essence, those looking through the appointments pages are drawn to four main headings :

    Job Title

  • There are variations on a theme and we will comply with any client request and are particularly aware of the importance of “employer branding”.
  • It is very easy to disguise a role if confidentiality is an issue and remuneration can be stated in a manner that will attract a wide spectrum of candidates i.e. “£negotiable”, “Package to attract the best” ……… just what does that mean?
  • Over 95% of responses to our advertisements are received via email. All receive an automated acknowledgement of receipt and are informed that if matters are to progress further they will be contacted within 28 days.
  • We will compile a longlist of potential candidates for the position and often suggest a review meeting with the client at this stage to give them a feel for the quality of response.We often recommend that the client see a benchmark candidate already screened by ourselves to gauge our interpretation of the brief
  • The consultant will then hold a face to face discussion with each longlisted candidate to assess in some detail their match with the experience criteria required plus a critical yet subjective assessment of their culture fit.
  • Presentation of a shortlist of suitable candidates in the format of original cv plus consultants report under the headings STYLE/CHARACTER,CAREER, PERSONAL DETAILS, OVERVIEW. If required we will attend shortlist interviews with the client providing a level of input as may be determined by them.
  • Reference checking is an important part of the recruitment process and the level of our involvement can be determined by the client. As a matter of course we will always seek to obtain a reference from an unemployed candidates last employer before including them on a shortlist.
  • After the shortlist we tactfully handle the rejection of unsuccessful candidates and then work closely with the client and potential appointee towards achieving a mutually agreeable conclusion to the assignment. The key objective at this stage is to ensure the first selected candidate accepts an offer and sees us act as intermediary on such matters as counter offers, length of notice, various contractual details.
  • In the months following the appointment we will maintain a dialogue with both client and candidate to determine whether intended objectives are being met in terms of performance and expectation respectively.