We use the term Executive Resourcing alongside our name as it embodies all aspects of our activity.

Not so long ago “big” jobs [typically salaried at £75k+] were resourced through proactive search or headhunting and the myths of consultants and their “little black book” containing names of the select few abounded.

Middle to Senior Management jobs were typically resourced through advertising or, as it was fashionably known, Executive Selection. The appointments pages in The Sunday Times and Daily Telegraph [and Financial Times for accountancy] were burgeoning with jobs in the late 80’s and more recently the dotcom era. For consultancies, advertising a job for a client became a subliminal form of self-promotion!

The main way for a company to find staff at lower levels was trawling the agencies to see who they had “on their books”. This is / was called file search and is / was an anathema to search and selection consultants as it meant no retainer, no placement ….. no fee !!!

Whilst recruitment methodologies remain the same it is their application that has altered. It makes sense to advertise a Chief Executive role at £150k if core skill sets supersede a requirement for matching industry sector experience. Why ? A larger potential candidate population can be accessed by an advertisement.

At the opposite end of the seniority spectrum faced with a need to recruit , for example, a specialist Materials Buyer then it makes sense to target a finite, identifiable candidate population through Search. This is as opposed to placing an advertisement in the hope that suitable candidates see it, read it and apply.

Since its formation Nevard Roland has been delivering effective recruitment solutions for its clients by applying all of the traditional methodologies either separately or in unison and almost without exception on a retained basis – YOUR COMMITMENT GUARANTEES OUR COMMITMENT.