What Does Your Desk Say About You?

Wherever you work – whether it’s in a cubicle, corner office or you hot-desk, the way you organise your workspace is a reflection on your personality and working style.

There is also, definitely, a correlation between the objects you decide to have on your desk and what type of worker you are – 57% of workers in the […]

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What “You’re Not A Cultural Fit” Really Means…

A candidate recently emailed me the following:
“…In a recent series of interviews, I had three for one role and was down to the final two candidates. I was told, I was “not the right cultural fit” ! What can I take from that! I have never had that one before!”
It can be confusing, and frankly, […]

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The 10 most annoying corporate jargon phrases for PRs to avoid

The English language has over a million words – but that doesn’t stop some people from choosing the kind of corporate jargon that makes people cringe.

Expressions such as “reach out” and “growthhacking” have been voted as the worst corporate jargon, according to a survey of thousands of reporters from the UK and US.

Hamish Thompson, […]

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8 Candidate Questions You Need To Be Prepared to Answer


During the interview process, there’s a significant amount of heat on candidates when it comes to fielding questions to prove that they’re a good fit for an open role within a particular business. As they interview, they’ll be meeting with a hiring manager and often a team of other employees.

At this time, they’re expected […]

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Charles Schwab CEO tests candidates by asking restaurant staff to ruin their meal

Do you want to know what type of person you’re hiring? Then take the candidate to breakfast.

That is the advice given by Walt Bettinger, CEO at the investment and online trading firm Charles Schwab.

While other companies may be interested in technical skills, Bettinger recently told the New York Times that he is more interested […]

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Five curveball questions you should ask at interviews

Let’s be honest, it’s always nice to keep candidates on their toes at an interview…  

The classic curveball question, also meant to be a good gauge of a candidate’s creativity and how well they will work under pressure, definitely falls firmly within this category.

And whilst there are arguably no right or wrong answers, you […]

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8 Over-Used CV Clichés

Whatever role you are trying to fill, receiving a CV full of clichés won’t do you or your candidates any favours. While words like “team player”, “passionate” and “hard working” may sound good, they don’t tell you as a recruiter anything about the candidate that you can work with.

According to a new survey from […]

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Mr Men CV Catches Recruiter’s Attention

A story about Mr Candidate, a fellow who pleads with Mr Pigeonhole to give him a job in a sector he has been out of for years, may sound like the plot of a children’s book, but it’s actually how Tom Skinner attempted to get a job.

Skinner created a Mr Men CV with a […]

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‘No White Males’ Job Ad Causes Outrage

A magazine has come under fire for discrimination after a job role was advertised with the prefix “Note: white males declined”.

The Swedish magazine Nöjesguiden, a popular publication aimed at young adults, tweeted a job opening as a film and music reviewer before specifying that white male candidates need not apply.

The advert read: “Bulletin Board […]

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