David Pottier:

Regular readers of The Selector may, and certainly those who know me will, know I am probably as un-PC as anyone could possibly be!

A new book has been written by Claire Fox, Director of the Institute of Ideas, titled “I find that offensive”. Whilst I didn’t hear her talk at a recent Devonshire House Network event I felt compelled to learn more when I read this review of her speech by DHN’s Chairman (Charles Russam) in this month’s newsletter to members:

“Scary stuff – and the dangers of political correctness and competitive offence-claiming are all too close to us all – both in the workplace and when we are not at work. Claire Fox could only scratch the surface in an hour – but enough to draw blood – as witnessed by the spirited and extended debate that followed her talk. The PC bandwagon is inevitably wrong-footing many of us – unexpectedly, increasingly, annoyingly and, all too often, expensively – in terms of costing us our money and, sometimes, our jobs!”

I read this review of the book: Goodreads: Review of I find this offensive and if you have the time to do likewise I think you will find it very interesting.

There are some serious issues raised and points covered in that review and we face daily examples of the PC brigade flexing their values on our daily lives.

Only this week we had the Sunderland Manager, David Moyes, being castigated for what he thought was an off camera unrecorded exchange with a female reporter who asked him a difficult question during the recorded piece. I have heard the recording and whilst his comment was inappropriate in this PC age no reasonable person could say it was little more than the banter that is commonplace in professional football. There was no complaint from the person to whom the comment was addressed but some ‘do-gooder’ with a PC agenda thought, some two weeks after the event, that they could make something out of it.

Personally I think the young reporter got off lightly. Some 20+ years ago when I was a freelancer for local radio covering Bristol City I was greeted at one match in the press area by the manager grabbing me by the throat and pinning me against the wall as he had played back my review of the previous game and didn’t like what I had said about his team’s performance!!!