What range of assignments does Nevard Roland handle?

Senior manager to board level appointments typically in the salary range £60k – £200K.

Do you focus on a particular industry sector or commercial discipline?

No, our business is founded upon relationships and our track record shows we are capable of backing this claim up with hard evidence. Perhaps more importantly we know what we can’t do and when to walk away. Our independence allows us to give practical, impartial advice on who to work with if it is not ourselves.

Do you view this non-specialist approach as a disadvantage?

On the contrary, we believe it works for us. By recruiting cross functionally we are able to build a relationship over time. In so doing we are able to develop a better understanding of company values and culture than the intermittent involvement of, say, a specialist financial recruiter.

As a result of not focusing on just one industry sector, in a market where search is increasingly forming part of the quest for talent we have few (if any) off limits issues.

So why should we work with Nevard Roland?

  • We deliver what we promise with an assignment completion rate that ranks with the best in our industry.
  • We work at a commercial pace, agreeing to a timetable at the commencement of each project.
  • Our process is thorough – we offer search, selection or a combined approach with the project assigned consultant being responsible for all aspects of it.
  • We have an in-house research function rather than contracting out this sensitive function unlike most small and, indeed, some larger consultancies which do.
  • We shortlist interview with the client if requested – consultant input is becoming highly valued with this approach.
  • We play a critical “broking” role between offer and acceptance stage.
  • We work on a retained basis but thereafter our fees are very much determined upon delivery rather than “time based”.
  • We will often agree a fixed fee upon commencement of a project if we feel a higher salary than anticipated by the client is necessary to attract the right individual.
  • We ‘buy in’ to the people we place by offering a credible indemnity period – 12 months in the case of main board appointments.

Protecting the relationship by putting client interest first sees us ‘second source’ candidates where the process breaks down and time is of the essence.

Above all, as an independent consultancy the founding directors are actively involved in the business and accountable solely to their clients and themselves. Each new assignment is as important as the last.