Three simple steps to better employee engagement

With nearly a quarter of UK employees
feeling as though they are ‘coasting’ at work, how do managers create a
workplace where staff actually want to work?

A recent study fromAon Hewitt revealed that among 250 international organisations, those thatreported the highest levels of employee engagement demonstrated a 58% higherreturn for shareholders. With results like this, employee […]

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#MeToo – The Netflix Way

The tech giant’s on-set rules for avoiding harassment went viral after they were leaked. But it’s a fine line between sensible advice and being over-zealous.

Netflix recently made headlines after an on-set runner described its new workplace behavioural policy:

look any anyone for longer than five secondsShout
“Stop, don’t do that again!” if a colleague has […]

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Recruitment Comes Near The Bottom In Fitness Survey

Recruiters have been urged to get active to prevent putting on the “recruitment stone”, as new research shows the sector pales into comparison with other fitter sectors.

Research released this week by UK private medical insurance provider AXA PPP, reveals recruitment ranked 13th out of 18 sectors surveyed by duration of daily exercise. The top […]

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Is Recruiting Ready for AI?

Everywhere you turn, the concept of Artificial Intelligence is surrounding us. It started a few years ago with the ability to gather huge amounts of data and use technology to analyse that information. The subsequent rise in use of analytics, particularly predictive analytics, has transformed almost every facet of our lives. Now we are […]

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Recruiters call for changes to hiring process in 2018

Interview auditions, interviews in casual settings, and virtual reality assessments were all cited as upcoming trends

Diversity and technology will dominate the recruitment agenda in 2018, with changes to the interview process and artificial intelligence (AI) identified as key trends, according to LinkedIn research

LinkedIn’s Global Recruitment Trends report revealed that 82% of recruiters consider diversity […]

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Nine Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

Nine Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

If you’re like most people, you spend more of your valuable waking hours at work than you do anywhere else. It’s critical that you spend your time at the right company, pursuing the right opportunity.

Bad management does not discriminate based on salary or job title. A […]

The Real Reason You’re Not Allowed To Work From Home!

Back in the 80s, everyone who studied the workplace predicted that most white-collar employees would be working from home or somewhere else — the beach or a coffee shop, for instance — by now.

Thirty years later, the prediction that most white-collar employees would be working from home and/or making their own schedule has not […]

There Are 3 Types Of Recruiters, Which One Works For You?

Today, we see three types of recruiters: reactive, proactive, and interactive. Additionally, all workers today fall on something referred to as the Talent Spectrum. Each type of recruiter is limited in the kind of talent they can recruit on this spectrum due to their skill level. Here’s why…

Reactive recruiters like to “post and pray” […]

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Hiring Mistakes are Costing UK Businesses Billions Each Year

UK businesses are failing to hire the right person for two out of five roles despite the significant financial costs of making mistakes, according to a new report from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC).

Perfect match: Making the right hire and the cost of getting it wrong explains the common mistakes employers make, defines […]

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A Smile Wouldn’t Crack Your Face!

Failing to smile at interview has been ranked third in the UK employers’ top 10 turn-offs when hiring. According to research from CareerBuilder.co.uk, when asked to choose the biggest body language turn-offs in job interviews, employers went for:

1. Failure to make eye contact – 83%

2. Weak handshake – 54%

3. Failure to smile – 48%

4. Crossing your arms […]

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