Why Nevard Roland for my next position?

Our core activity is focused on candidates who are senior managers up to board level directors and will typically be in the salary range £60 – £200k. As generalists we cover a broad cross-section of industry and commerce, we are multi-functional, multi-disciplined. Your details will be handled confidentially by a professional consultant.

What range of assignments do you handle?

Just about everything you would expect to see at Board and Senior Management level, in a commercial or industrial organisation – General Management, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Production, IT, Human Resources, Technical, Engineering Logistics. All our assignments are client retained and exclusive to us.

What happens to my CV when it is submitted to Nevard Roland?

Its receipt is acknowledged and then reviewed by a director and held on file in a category relevant to your experience, background and aspirations. We will approach you when a position emerges of possible interest. We will not submit your CV to a client company without your prior knowledge or permission.

What is your interview process and will I be interviewed?

You will be invited for an interview with a consultant when they have a specific job/role in mind and you are also relevant and interested in it. Sometimes, but not always, you will be invited in for a general interview – “a getting to know you interview”. We like to establish personal contact with good quality people.

How long do you keep my CV on file?

For 12 months, at which point we suggest you update and resubmit it to us.

What is your geographic spread and focus?

We handle assignments UK wide, in Ireland, Mainland Europe, the USA, Far East, and Middle East, i.e. globally. However, our core focus is UK, Ireland, EU and the USA.

Who should I call if I have questions or concerns?

At your nearest Nevard Roland office, a member of staff should be able to help you.

Will you provide career guidance and advice?

We are not career counsellors or career management consultants. We work on retained, exclusive recruitment assignments for Blue Chip clients and your CV is therefore potentially of great interest. It may take 12 months or more for a role to emerge that is of interest to you so you will need to be patient and trust in our judgement on this aspect. Our consultants offer frank, honest advice in the interview process.

Are all of your positions advertised?

About 50%, the other 50% are search assignments. Most of our current projects are available for your review on our website.

Do you charge candidates any fees?

No, we earn our fees from client companies, not candidates. You will not incur any fees from Nevard Roland.

What are my chances of finding a new position through Nevard Roland?

Fairly good – if you are a top quality, high achieving individual, even better. But bear in mind the market is very competitive and it can take time (6 to 12 months). We are interested in CV’s from high calibre, upwardly career moving individuals and we appreciate you sharing your important CV information with us. We also respect your need for total confidentiality.