As a client led consultancy our business is all about finding people for jobs rather than jobs for people.

Accordingly, should you wish to register your career details with us without reference to a particular position we will not actively be marketing them to clients except in exceptional circumstances.

Please review our “Current Assignments” section regularly for jobs that are suited to your experience. Always apply when there is one that is suitable rather than assume that we will contact you – we only use our Executive Portfolio [database !] as back up when the sourcing of fresh candidates through headhunt or advertising is not producing the desired results.

Whilst you will find our advertisements in traditional hard copy [Telegraph, Sunday Times and Financial Times] and electronic [e.g.. Jobsite, Executives on the Web, Planet Recruit] media, our own “Current Assignments” listing is the still the fullest representation of what we are working on as it will contain upcoming and search projects unless the latter are of a highly confidential nature.